Neck Lift Photos

Neck lift photos should be evaluated in great detail to appreciate the aesthetic improvements attainable. Neck lift photos should demonstrate less fullness under the chin, a chiseled jawline, and a more acute neck line. The lateral neck bands created by the edge of the platysma muscle should also be eliminated even with dynamic motion. When visualizing neck photos, it will become apparent that even the face contour has been improved since the face and neck are one fabric and are meant to be pulled and tucked simultaneously. Patients desiring a neck lift should evaluate neck lift photos with a critical eye. Patient photos should demonstrate 10 to 15 years of rejuvenation and a non-operated appearance. The neck skin should appear smooth without any contour irregularities. This is because the dual plane SMAS neck lift technique is employed which tucks your neck in two separate layers. The first includes the platysma muscle and its outer lining, called the SMAS. Following tightening of the platysma and SMAS, the neck skin is tucked out over a tightened underneath platform. The neck lift photos might help you understand better. The analogy that Dr. Mowlavi uses is making your bed; in order to for the bed contour to look crisp, you must first pull up the sheet (i.e. platysma) prior to tucking up the skin (the bed spread). In addition, the Incision lines should be hidden as they are on the back of the ear and posterior neck line. If you are considering a neck lift, you should take ample time to review neck lift photos to ensure that the neck lines are dramatically improved in contour but in a non-operated appearance. Neck lift surgery requires surgical expertise and meticulous attention to detail in order to achieve optimal results. Please admire neck lift photo that this 62 year old female who demonstrates a more youthful overall appearance due to her improved chin and neck contour.

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