Buttock augmentation recovery time

Buttock augmentation recovery time depends on the chosen technique to augment the buttocks. If patients elect to have a buttocks implant then they will require a recovery time of 6 weeks for full physical activity. Patients are also not allowed to sit for two weeks following surgery and are counselled how to sit after this time period on their upper posterior thigh for the first month. Buttock augmentation recovery time is dictated by the time is takes for the muscle fascia (the muscle lining) to heal as the implant is placed inside the buttocks muscle through an incision in the muscle fascia.

The recovery time is significantly less for patients undergoing buttock augmentation using fat transfer, i.e. Brazilian buttock lift. Fat collection and transfer is accomplished using small poke holes in the skin. As such,  recovery time is limited to 1 week, the delay required by the fat cells to re-establish a blood supply. Routinely, patients are encouraged to start working out after one week and urged to go back to the gym no later than 2 weeks. Patients are universally back to full physical activity by 3 weeks following their Brazilian buttock lift.


We must admire this 37-year-old female patient who has undergone a BBL and high definition liposuction of the back and flanks and was able to return to full physical activity by 10 days following her surgery, results worth the buttock augmentation recovery time.

Buttock augmentation recovery time     Buttock augmentation recovery time

A 34-year-old male following HD liposuction of the abdomen and flanks

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