Post Bariatric Surgery Diet

Post Bariatric Surgery Diet
65-year-old who followed post-surgery diet – left lateral view
Post Bariatric Surgery Diet
65-year-old who followed post-surgery diet – left view
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65-year-old who followed post-surgery diet – right lateral view
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At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, we have a detailed preoperative protocol that details a post-bariatric surgery diet that prepares our patients for a safe and successful surgery. This diet should be focused on a diet rich in nutrients and maintaining a high blood count. 

The Post Bariatric Surgery Diet

Prior to surgery, patients are asked to have a diet that focuses on high protein foods such as red meat, chicken breasts, and eggs. A preoperative post-bariatric surgery diet should also be without fish as they are rich in fatty acids and may thin the blood prior to surgery.

Our Surgical Team asks his patients to have protein shakes between meals and to shoot for a daily goal of 150g of protein supplement per day. 

The reason for the high protein post-surgery diet is that this surgery requires various skin incisions. As such, the body needs to build back collagen to bridge the incisions during the healing process.

Proteins are the building blocks for collagen so maintaining a high protein diet is crucial to the healing process. Another reason for the high protein diet is to prevent general edema. Edema occurs when there is fluid leakage out of your capillaries.

High blood protein levels retain fluids in the blood vessels and prevent this leaking.

In order to ensure patients are ready for their post-bariatric surgery, we check the albumin and prealbumin levels in the blood prior to surgery. Additionally, we check the Iron levels in the blood.

Our Surgical Team recommends his patients take iron pills to eliminate any possible anemia prior to surgery. He also suggests a diet with foods rich in iron, such as spinach, red meats, and turkey.

Vitamin B12 and Folate will also help supplement your post-bariatric surgery diet to produce more blood in the preoperative period. A minimum hemoglobin level of 13g/dL is required before for surgery.

Finally, after your post-bariatric surgery, it is important to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. This procedure is a big commitment both physically and financially and it is crucial that patients maintain their results through good eating habits.

A healthy post-operative post-bariatric surgery diet should be rich in proteins with low to moderate fats and carbs. This will ensure you keep looking your best for years to come!

If you are ready for this life-changing procedure, contact us at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute for a complimentary consultation with Our Surgical Team today!

Please see this 65-year-old who followed a disciplined post-bariatric surgery diet and is thrilled with her results.

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