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Dr. Mowlavi is one of the top facelift surgeons when it comes to sculpting shapes and edges along with the ability to complete the entire operation in one procedure, producing results you will absolutely love.

Plastic surgery as a whole is one of the most complex, artistic, and detailed forms of surgery. Before deciding on your plastic surgeon, you should always do extensive research to ensure the quality and delicacy your surgeon is able to provide for you in operation.

When finally choosing your top facelift plastic surgeon, you want to find out what makes them the better choice compared to other doctors and why you should decide to go with them. However, different doctors may be more trained or experienced in specific parts of the face; therefore creating more expertise that you would want to choose.

Other than experience and training, results and proof is the cornerstone to showing what you are capable of doing within your field of work. Dr. Mowlavi has a great social media presence on instagram @drlaguna , where he showcases his world renown work in forms of videos and pictures.

For somebody who is looking for a top facelift plastic surgeon, being able to check social media platforms to see the results of Dr. Mowlavi’s patience with their own eyes is very attractive and shows people that he is in fact one of the top facelift plastic surgeons with proof to back it up.

Newport Beach board-certified plastic surgeon and facelift specialist, Dr. Arian Mowlavi offer both complimentary in-house and virtual consultations to discuss your ideal facelift goals and prices. You may also visit Dr. Arian Mowlavi’s Instagram, @drlaguna to see many of his before and after photos and videos.

Please see this 57-year-old female status postface and neck lift with lower eyelid surgery, hairline brow lift, and fat grafting to the nasojugal creases and upper lip

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