Facelift Newport Beach

Before and after surgery - Facelift Newport Beach
Before and after surgery - Facelift Newport Beach
Before and after surgery - Facelift Newport Beach
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Newport Beach, California is well-known as a national plastic surgery hub if your looking for a facelift in Newport Beach. The aesthetically driven culture of the city results in high demand for plastic surgeons. The facelift is extremely desired by the population and expertly carried out by one of the many plastic surgeons in the area, including Our Surgical Team MD.

The chances of finding a high-quality doctor like Our Surgical Team vary, but the migration of young surgeons to Newport Beach has made this search bloated and misleading at times. If you are searching for a facelift in Newport Beach, you are encouraged to research the facelift procedure and technique before committing to surgery to ensure the best results. 

When choosing the right plastic surgeon to perform your facelift, it is important to see results before anything is finalized. In order to extensively show his work, Our Surgical Team posts daily images and videos showcasing his weekly work on Instagram @drlaguna. The most important and critical part of choosing the right surgeon for facelift in Newport Beach is the initial consultation.

A trained and experienced surgeon for facelift in Newport Beach will be able to give you an exact explanation of the surgery they suggest to achieve your facial rejuvenation surgery. There is a multitude of facial surgical and non-surgical options that are used to treat different degrees of skin looseness.

Due to the delicacy of the procedure and spread of procedural preference across doctors for facelift in Newport Beach, they must use their imagination and artistic perspective when explaining the ideas and plans they recommend for the facelift. Unfortunately, lots of patients do too much at first and are caused to have revision operations to achieve true symmetry and harmony.

When deciding on what to do for the patient, the doctor looks at the degree and position of skin laxity along with the differences in each side of the face. Our Surgical Team ensures that each and every patient is treated independently and the surgical plan is developed objectively with the goal of eliminating loose skin and jowling.

If you are interested in a free consultation with Board Certified Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Arian Our Surgical Team MD FACS, contact Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute today.

See this 61-year-old female status post quad blepharoplasty and face and neck lift.

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