Best Fat Grafting Surgeon

In the world of body contouring, Dr. Mowlavi is widely considered one of the best fat graft surgeons. His 20 years in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry has allowed him to perfect his fat grafting technique through various methods and technologies.

One major factor in Dr. Mowlavi’s fat transfer success is the use of VASER technology to liposuction the fat. The use of ultrasound energy allows the suctioning of fat without harming any of the fat cells. Conversely, traditional liposuction pierces through the fat cells and has been reported to kill up to 50% of the cells during removal.  Dr. Mowlavi also supplements the VASER technology with the Puregraft © system results in near 97% fat transfer viability. This debunks the fear that most patients have that 40% of their fat grafting results will magically disappear over time! With Dr. Mowlavi’s fat grafting, the final results of your surgery are there to stay. However, just having high-fat viability is not enough to warrant being called the best fat grafting surgeon. While these methods and technologies provide a surgeon with the tools necessary to create incredible body contouring, it takes a skilled and experienced body contouring to truly reach the potential of this modality. Not only is Dr. Mowlavi one of VASER’s top high definition body contouring trainers with both an introductory and advanced course, he is also an award-winning artist and sculptor with various published research articles on the ideal male and female physique. He also presents his methods and results year round at all the major cosmetic and plastic surgery conferences on Body Contouring.

An artistic eye is absolutely crucial in fat grafting procedures. Similar to a tattoo artist, a fat grafting surgeon is being trusted to permanently add something to someone’s body. This requires the appropriate knowledge of physiological gender anatomy to help guide the patient to THEIR ideal outcome. Dr. Mowlavi understands that every patient has their own concept of their ideal physique and uses his years of experience and knowledge to assist them to arrive at an agreed plan. After your consultation with Dr. Mowlavi, you will be convinced you are choosing one of the best fat grafting surgeon and high definition body contour experts in the country.

Please see this 35-year-old female patient who was already fit and wanted more shape to her butt with a fat grafting procedure.

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