Open Rhinoplasty Incision

An open rhinoplasty incision involves two lateral semicircular incisions in the nostril that are extended through the columella centrally. The nostril incisions are placed along the bottom of the nostril just inside the nose, referred to as marginal incisions. This low incision line and columellar extension allows the entire nasal skin envelop to be lifted thus exposing the entire underlying nasal structures including the nasal tip.

Open Rhinoplasty Incision  

The open rhinoplasty incision placement allows for alteration of all three components of the nose including the upper third bony nasal dorsum, middle third cartilaginous nasal dorsum, and the lower third nasal tip cartilaginous nasal structures. Additionally, the open rhinoplasty incision is contrasted to the closed incisions which are placed independently inside the nostril approximately 1 cm up from the nostril opening at the intercartilagenous region and which do not join each. If you are desiring an open rhinoplasty and wondering what the it might look like, Dr. Mowlavi will draw these incisions on your nose for you at your first complimentary consultation. When performed properly, the it will heal with a near transparent final appearance.

Open Rhinoplasty Incision   Open Rhinoplasty Incision

Please consider the invisible open rhinoplasty incision of this 28 year old female that has optimally healed and not visible.