How soon can I get a BBL revision

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Please see this 54-year-old female patient who wanted to improve the aesthetic of their buttock and came in asking “How soon can I get a BBL revision?”

You should wait at least three to six months to get a BBL revision. This time period allows for the resolution of all of the swelling from the buttock cheek. Generalized swelling will be observed as early as one week following surgery and gradually subside over the first three months.

This is why patients are routinely recommended to avoid buying new outfits to show off their transformed bodies for at least three months following surgery. Resolution of swelling can be expedited by optimizing their protein intake and avoiding salty foods. In addition, patients that return to cardio training will literally sweat out most of their generalized swelling. In addition, patients are asked to wait six months prior to a BBL revision to allow for any injured fat cells that could not survive the transplant process to be reabsorbed.

This is best appreciated by patient feedbacks describing how they have observed 40% of volume loss at 6 months. This loss of buttock volume is real and remains the main reason for patients seeking a BBL revision. The reason for this volume loss is two-fold. First, patients who have undergone traditional liposuction will observe this because the fat cells harvested with this technique are often injured during hat harvest. The second, reason for fat volume loss is if the fat cells are removed from areas that were previously liposuctioned and scarred.

If you are wondering how soon can I get a BBL revision, my recommendation is at least three to six months. By waiting for this time period, you will be more likely to successfully contour your buttock size and shape. The baseline buttock shape and size can be appreciated definitively at six months following your initial BBL surgery.

If you are desiring a BBL revision, your surgeon can accurately gauge how much fat will be required and where it must be transferred to achieve your ideal buttock appearance. If you are considering a BBL revision, we encourage you to complete a complimentary virtual consultation so that Dr. Mowlavi can evaluate both your fat volume harvesting capacity and to help guide you on how your buttock appearance can be improved.

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