How to fix breast Herniation

how to fix breast herniation before and after
how to fix breast herniation before and after
how to fix breast herniation before and after
how to fix breast herniation before and after
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Please see this female who demonstrates how to fix breast herniation.

What is breast herniation

If you were wondering how to fix breast herniation, you will have to first appreciate what is a breast herniation. Breast herniation refers to contour irregularity of the breasts that occurs when a naturally occurring capsule that forms around the implant weakens and pouts out. A capsule forms around the entire implant and is basically a thin scar that walls off the implant from the body.

This is a normal process that occurs anytime a foreign element enters our body.  When contaminants enter these areas, further scar tissue can be laid down causing capsule thickening, called capsular contracture. Examples of contaminants include leakage of silicone liquid from inside to outside the shell, bleeding into the pocket from mechanical trauma to the breast, or even bacterial infection of the implant. Capsular contracture can cause breast deformity by tightening down around the implant usually presenting as breast mound firmness.

Breast herniation follows when there is rent or breaks in the above capsule. When the breast capsule is thickened it has a higher likelihood of cracking usually due to the increased pressure and tension created.  When a crack occurs, the implant will then herniate out creating an outpouching that presents as a breast deformity.

Surgery on how to fix breast herniation

How to fix breast herniation is two fold. If the breast capsule is appropriate and soft though out except for the isolated herniation, then repair of the capsule rent is warranted. Repair of a breast herniation can be performed by literally sewing up the capsule deformity using sutures, typically called capsulorrhaphy. If the remainder of the capsule is thickened are causing further deformities, then the entire capsule may require removal.

Finally, if removal of the capsule may compromise the overlying skin, then sometimes breast lift must also be performed to be able to move the entire breast mound complex to a higher unoperated region of the breast to fix breast herniation. This move will provide the breast implant a virgin area that is more stable in addition to providing the medial cleavage and upper pole fullness.

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