Facelift Surgery Cost?

Face Lift Surgery Cost -  before and after surgery
Face Lift Surgery Cost -  before and after surgery
Face Lift Surgery Cost -  before and after surgery
Face Lift Surgery Cost -  before and after surgery
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Please see this 64-year-old female 4 months following their face and neck lift, lower eyelid surgery, and Erbium laser peel. Know how much a facelift surgery cost about this procedure.

Even from one plastic surgeon to another, the cost of facelift surgery will be different. Surgeon’s expertise in lifting the drooping soft tissues and in restoring loss of facial volume is the most important determinant of varied cost in facelift operations.

At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Mowlavi utilizes the gold standard extended SMAS dual plane approach that separately lifts the droopy skin as well as the underlying soft tissue SMAS layer. The extended SMAS facelift consequently is more technical taking longer to perform thus resulting in higher facelift surgery cost.

Facelift Surgery Cost Differentiation

Differentiation in the cost is due to a growing public interest in the “quick-lift”. The cost of $6000-$8000 is roughly the average for the suboptimal operation of “mini-facelifts”. With contrasting views, Dr. Mowlavi uses the top of the line dual-plane extended SMAS, and due to these advanced techniques, the cost will be around $12000-$15000.

It is strongly encouraged to reach out to Dr. Mowlavi before finalizing an operation date as his facelift results are top-notch and he is reasonable with price. There are various factors that are considered in the cost of facelift surgery. When patients are looking to rejuvenate their face with plastic surgery, they often decide to get all of their problem areas addressed in one procedure.

This increases the cost of the surgery but is much cheaper than performing each surgery individually. It also has the added bonus of combining the recovery period of all the surgeries into one. Total facial surgery cost may consist of the facelift as well as an upper and lower eyelids surgery, browlift, and a platysmaplasty (repairing the split of the platysmaplasty or the muscle below your jaw-line).

If you are someone who wakes up in the morning and are not content with the sagginess of your skin and lose/droopy areas, contact Newport Beach plastic surgeon Arian Mowlavi MD FACS for a complimentary consultation today and be informed of facelift surgery cost.

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