Facelift Preparation

Before and after image of a patient after a proper facelift preparation
Before and after image of a patient after a proper facelift preparation
Before and after image of a patient after a proper facelift preparation
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With proper facelift preparation, please see this 74-year-old male from Laguna Beach 3 months following upper and lower eyelid surgery and face and neck lift.

When a patient decides to go forward with their facelift operation, there is a lot more that goes into the process than just showing up and going under the anesthesia for the operation. Facelift preparation not only helps the doctors with the procedure and make things less stressful for them but also aids the patient in stopping them from obtaining any problems. Generally, the most common problem after getting a facelift is a hematoma, which is caused by blood thinners (such as fish oil and aspirin) and not taking your blood pressure meds.

A couple of ways you can try to avoid this issue during the facelift preparation are taking some medications to counterbalance your current medication, get lab testing or medical evaluations, and/or avoid taking any herbal supplements along with aspirin and other anti-inflammatories.

There are some other facelift preparations, in which it is highly recommended by doctors to follow to ensure the results and products are complete and perfect. Facelift preparation is indeed one of the most important steps because it does allow for easier and more fluid operations to be conducted by doctors with less room for error and imperfections.

Although some doctors may/will have different preparation sets or requirements, they all agree as a whole that the facelift preparation is extremely crucial to the surgery. At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, the preparation needed for facelifts and any other procedures is taken very seriously and conducted with specific research already taken place.

Arian Mowlavi, Newport Beach Board Certified plastic surgeon specializes in the aesthetics of beauty and shape, along with an extra specialization in facial anatomy. Here at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer both virtual and in house consultations to help accommodate patients in other states, across the United States, and even outside of the country.

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