Best Facelift Surgeon

Best Facelift Surgeon
Best Facelift Surgeon
Best Facelift Surgeon
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A 67-year-old female patient demonstrated aging changes to the neck and face who went to the best facelift surgeon.

Facial plastic surgery is a delicate art that should be carefully researched prior to deciding on a surgeon. In order to find the best facelift plastic surgeon for you, you need to understand the complexity of facelift surgery and what separates the expert surgeons from the rest.

Dr. Mowlavi is an amazing surgeon and is one of the best sculptures in contouring the face and body, and he produces are some of the best facelift results around the world. To see some of his fantastic work, follow his Instagram @drlaguna, and take a look at some of his world-renown facelift results

Seen on his social media platforms, he posts great daily content consisting of photos and videos that include his best facelifts. You can see some of his work through before and after photos and educational posts regarding the best facelifts. If you are interested in seeing some postoperative videos as well, Dr. Mowlavi has videos explaining and showcasing his outstanding work directly after surgery with the before image compared to the final results.

The best facelift surgeons are willing to show their work and use it to show to other clients, something Dr. Mowlavi takes pride in. Overall, through his techniques and results, you can see that Dr. Mowlavi is one of the best facelift surgeons in the world.

Book your complimentary in house consultation at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute in Newport Beach or a virtual consultation with expert plastic surgeon, Arian Mowlavi, MD FACS today to discuss procedures and pricing.

Dr. Mowlavi is a facelift specialist and highlights the importance of understanding your plans and goals for your facelift. Please check out our Instagram @drlaguna for more information and pictures.

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