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Tummy tuck men clients are not as common as tummy tuck for women but men are definitely gaining in numbers over the last two to three years. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, we used to routinely perform approximately 5% of tummy tucks for males and 95% for females, but we have noticed a real spike in tummy tuck men patients. Tummy tuck men patients’ goals are quite different than their counter women. To begin with, men expect a quick and easy recovery as they want to get back to work. In addition, men do not want anybody to know that they have had surgery so they don’t want any surgical incision lines/marks be exposed.

tummy tuck men

As such, several modifications have been made to the tummy tuck procedure to accommodate tummy tuck men clients’ expectations.  First, muscle plication is avoided since most men have stronger abdominal muscles that avoid stretching and thinning out like observed in women. In addition, men don’t undergo pregnancy induced changes which lead to severe abdominal dilatation and muscle thinning secondary to boost in estrogen and progesterone. Skipping on the muscle plication is the most important factor leading to a quick recovery. Whereas full tummy tucks performed in women will require 3 to 4 weeks of recovery, tummy tuck men patients can expect to return to routine daily activity by 2 weeks following surgery. In addition, tummy tuck men patients will have a low incision line that falls under their underwear so that it is not visible when they are topless. Since men are more likely to walk topless for example at the pool, etc. it is even more critical for their incision lines not be visible. In fact, this concern is also lends itself to using the minimal length of abdominal incision line to complete their tummy tucks. Finally, Dr. Mowlavi’s specialty of creating “innie” belly buttons is critical to the men clients who want to hide their surgical incisions and scars from others.

   tummy tuck men tummy tuck men

If you are a considering a tummy tuck and are a male, we urge you to make a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi so that he can teach you how you can undergo a tummy tuck with minimal discomfort, quick recovery, and with a natural and non-operated outcome.

tummy tuck men tummy tuck men


Please see this 46 year old male 3 months following his tummy tuck procedure.

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