Mommy Makeover reviews

Mommy makeover reviews should be read with a critical eye. Make sure that you evaluate the validity of the reviewer. Mommy makeover reviews should demonstrate overall experience with the office, the entire staff, as well as the doctor.  The most important part of a mommy makeover review should include insight about the actual results. Comments regarding the outcomes of the surgery should be held in the highest of standards since after all it is the result of surgery that will affect your life long term. Mommy makeover transformations should address the breasts, abdomen, back, buttocks, and even the thighs when necessary.

Patients completing a mommy makeover, should be elated about their results and feel comfortable being naked in their undergarment and/or when wearing a two piece bikini following surgery. Patients leaving mommy makeover reviews should comment how they feel about their results and how it has effected their life.If mommy makeover reviews discuss flaws in contouring results, this should raise a flag about the surgeon. Unfortunately, in our current competitive environment, there are many poser patients that are sent over by the competition, who will leave nonspecific lies trying to bash the office.


The way to pick these fake reviews is that they can’t actually discuss a surgery or surgical outcomes. Another set of unethical reviewers are those who are denied surgery. Interestingly, Dr. Mowlavi will refuse surgery to a client who he feels is not a good candidate for surgery.

Unfortunately, these clients may feel disappointed and this is understandable. However, leaving a bad review just because you were not a good candidate is immoral and unethical. Hopefully, you can appreciate how difficult it is to sift through mommy makeover reviews to appreciate which mommy makeover physicians are not only kind but more importantly skilled.

Mommy Makeover reviews   Mommy Makeover reviews

Please appreciate this 46 year old female post breast lift and implant augmentation, abdominoplasty with muscle plication, liposuction of lateral thighs and Radiesse filler injection to the nasojugal creases.

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