How long is a Facelift Surgery?

How long is a Facelift Surgery
How long is a Facelift Surgery
How long is a Facelift Surgery
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How long is a facelift surgery? The typical facelift procedure lasts between three to five hours, however, the exact amount of time required depends on multiple elements, including both the anatomy of the individual and whether or not other cosmetic procedures are being performed simultaneously. Other important factors include the personal goals of the individual and the amount of facial aging.

The final consideration that must be made with regard to surgery time or how long is a facelift surgery is whether a mini or standard facelift is being performed. Given that facelift surgery is a difficult procedure to master, it is imperative that you choose an experienced surgeon, such as Our Surgical Team. The more experienced the surgeon, the quicker the procedure, and the better the result. 

Although there are a multitude of options, the shortcut facelift procedures include the non invasive, limited incision and skin only  facelift will determine how long is a facelift surgery. As its name would suggest, the Shortcut Facelift is performed in a quick span of time, utilizing threads to pull only the skin. On the other hand, the Definitive facelift requires the skin to be lifted whilst the excess tissue is cut, trimmed, and then sewn.

Both procedures are done as the patient is awake, under oral sedation. If performed poorly, possible complications of these procedures include improperly healed incision lines and visible, unpleasant tightness of the lift, showing deformation irrespective tof how long is a facelift surgery.

Conversely, the Extended SMAS facelift takes anywhere between three to eight hours to complete due to its technical nuances. Essentially, the face is visualized in two sections. The SMAS procedure pulls the skin up without too much tension. During the redraping process, the skin is pulled lightly, avoiding the complications of the Shortcut and Definitive facelift.

The more uniform the lifting is, the more seamless the facelift. So how long is a facelift surgery? During the surgery, more experienced surgeons like Our Surgical Team may use hydro dissection numbing medicine, wherein a needle is injected into the plane of operation, numbing and magnifying the space for a quicker undermining. However, if direct undercutting is used, the overall procedure may take longer. 

If you are interested in facelift surgery or you want to know how long is a facelift surgery, contact Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Arian Our Surgical Team MD FACS today for a free consultation. We offer daily virtual or in-person consultations.  

Please see this 70-year-old female status post face and neck lift, incision of corrugators, liposuction of the abdomen, and mini tummy tuck.

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