High Definition Tummy Tuck

High Definition Tummy Tuck front oblique view
High Definition Tummy Tuck left view
High Definition Tummy Tuck front view
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Please see this 49 years old female following a high definition tummy tuck.

A high definition tummy tuck is an advancement in abdominal contouring founded by Our Surgical Team. By modifying traditional tummy tuck maneuvers, Our Surgical Team is able to provide patients the benefit of maximal skin removal with the benefit of simultaneous fat removal.

In high definition tummy tuck, the secret to combining maximal skin excision with synchronous fat removal involves his ability to preserve blood flow to the abdominal skin flaps. Blood flow is the critical component to maintaining skin viability. Blood flow to the skin is provided in two separate vectors that include perpendicular flow through specialized blood vessels called perforators as well as through a network of smaller vessels that are oriented horizontally.

Traditional tummy tuck surgery requires wide-undermining that results in a sacrifice of the vertical perforator vessels. Thus, the abdominal skin flap that is located centrally must rely on the horizontal blood flow for its viability. Unfortunately, traditional liposuction will compromise the horizontal network of vessels discussed above. As such, combining a traditional tummy tuck with traditional liposuction techniques is forbidden due to the fear of compromising blood flow to the central abdominal skin.

The high definition tummy tuck founded by Our Surgical Team allows for simultaneous tummy tuck and liposuction. In order to avoid compromise of the vertical perforators, the area of traditional tummy tuck undermining is limited. In addition, ultrasound is used intraoperatively to preserve any critical perforators. Furthermore, ultrasound assisted liposuction is utilized to protect the vascular network of blood vessels that are injured by traditional techniques.

The effect of combining a modified tummy tuck with ultrasound-assisted liposuction is what comprises a high definition tummy tuck. The results of a high definition tummy tuck are truly remarkable with abdominal contouring that is stunning and “jaw-dropping”. Patients who are interested in a high definition tummy tuck are encouraged to make a complimentary virtual or in-house consultation with Our Surgical Team to see if they qualify.

Patients who qualify for the high definition tummy tuck must present with extensive skin redundancy and a low positioned belly button. Additionally, they must not demonstrate muscle looseness that would necessitate a traditional tummy tuck with wide undermining in order to gain access to and repair the muscles.

Patients must desire high definition body contouring with a tightened abdominal contour with muscle highlights. This means unveiling your four packs in women and six packs in men that you knew you had but could not get out. The high definition tummy tuck is now the GOLD STANDARD in abdominal contouring. Make your appointment today to get this remarkable procedure done!

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