Excess Upper Eyelid Skin

excess upper eyelid skin surgery before and after

Excess upper eyelid skin can is the most common cause of droopy eyelids. Excess upper eyelid skin is not only aesthetically unflattering but also acts like dead weight as it pushes down on the eyelid margin. When the upper eyelid skin becomes redundant, it looks wrinkled and undesirable in appearance. As the skin redundancy becomes moderate, it will start to weigh the upper eyelid margin down and encroach on your visual field. This will result in less light getting to your eyes and even increase your blind spot.

As the skin redundancy becomes severe, the upper eyelid skin can actually fall over the lid margin! Treatment for excess upper eyelid skin involves strategic excision of the upper eyelid skin to eliminate the upper eyelid skin redundancy while creating an aesthetically pleasing eyelid shape. Excision of upper eyelid skin should be designed with great care so that the final incision line falls into the supratarsal crease. The supratarsal crease is the natural crease that occurs over the upper eyelid when the eyes are open. Patients who have had their excess upper eyelid skin removed will observe an aesthetic and functional improvement of their upper eyelids.

Aesthetically, patients will appreciate a more youthful appearance of the upper eyelid contour. Functionally, patients will comment on how they can see more vibrant colors because of the improved light arriving at the eye globe. If you are tired of having your upper eyelid block your vision or if you are frustrated with others telling you are that you look tired, you should take initiative and make a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi today. Our team at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute will make all efforts to help you plan for your upper eyelid surgery.

Excess Upper Eyelid Skin

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