Drooping of Upper Eyelid

Drooping of Upper Eyelid
68-year-old female who underwent upper eyelid surgery to correct drooping of the upper eyelid – front view
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Drooping of upper eyelid occurs with the aging of the upper eyelids. This is a common concern for patients who observe their friends and family commenting on “how they look tired.” The tired look follows when the eyelid skin starts to cover the eyeball or actual eye globe.

Causes for Drooping of Upper Eyelid

When the dropping of the eyelid skin results in encroaching on the pupil, the tired look is undeniable. The most common causes of a drooping upper eyelid include redundant upper eyelid skin and stretching out of the muscle-tendon that attaches the eyelid muscle to the upper eyelid margin.

Both of these concerns can be corrected with upper eyelid surgery. The most common cause of the drooping of upper eyelid involves redundant upper eyelid skin that weighs down the lid margin. This concern can be corrected with a simple skin excision of the skin redundancy.

The second cause, i.e. thinning of the muscle-tendon that results in poor pulling up of the lid margin is corrected by tightening up the tendon that has stretched out. One or both of these concerns can be corrected in a single session.

When the dropping of the upper eyelid is corrected such that the pupil and the sclera (upper white part of the eye are exposed), the tired look is eliminated! If you feel that you may be suffering from drooping of the upper eyelid, we encourage you to make a consultation with our team.

Following your initial consultation, you will be explained whether your upper eyelid changes are due to excess skin or stretching out of your muscles. Then, we will explain the surgery required to correct your concerns. The staff at the cosmetic plastic surgery institute will help you appreciate the process involved in undergoing treatment for your drooping eyelids.

Please see this 68-year-old female who underwent upper eyelid surgery to correct drooping of the upper eyelid.

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