Droopy Eyelid Treatment

Droopy Eyelid Treatment
49 years old female following upper and lower fat grafting to the cheeks – right lateral view
Droopy Eyelid Treatment
49 years old female following upper and lower fat grafting to the cheeks – front view
fat grafting to the cheeks San Diego
49 years old female following upper and lower fat grafting to the cheeks – left lateral view
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The surgery for droopy eyelid treatment involves multiple elements that must be considered to achieve optimal results. The most common droopy eyelid treatment involves the removal of redundant skin. This is because as we age, the upper eyelid skin grows and becomes saggy.

When the eyelid skin becomes lax enough, it will lean on the lid margin and limit the amount of light coming into the globe. In addition, redundant upper eyelid skin will look wrinkly and aesthetically suboptimal.

The treatment of this is the removal of redundant upper eyelid skin that requires meticulous attention to the surgical excision design. In order to achieve perfect symmetry, it is critical to consider what is being preserved in the upper eyelid rather than what is being removed.

In addition, the excision design must be performed to allow for the final incision line to fall into the supratarsal crease. This placement ensures that the incision is not visible when the eyes are open. Eventually, the incision will fade and be invisible. The next common complaint in the droopy eyelid treatment is prominent fat pads that bulge out.

When they bulge out, the fat pads are aesthetically unpleasing. The treatment for bulging upper eyelids is conservative resection of the bulging components of the fat pads. Following removal of skin, a small trim of the orbicularis oculi muscle is performed thereby providing access to the protruding fat pad.

A small slit is made in a lining called the orbital septum thereby allowing the fat pad to protrude out. Finally, the fat pad is trimmed conservatively. The final portion of the droopy eyelid treatment is to repair the incision line.

Is Droopy Eyelid Treatment Safe?

Droopy eyelid treatment is very effective and safe. Patients can have droopy eyelid treatment performed in the office setting with local anesthetic solutions only. This means that you can avoid all grogginess and delayed recovery associated with general anesthesia.

Moreover, you will save thousands of dollars by avoiding the need for an anesthesiologist as well as fees for an operating room facility. If you have considered undergoing droopy eyelid treatment, I encourage you to make a consultation with my office so that I can show you all of the steps involved in completing this surgery.

Please appreciate this 49 years old female following upper and lower blepharoplasty and fat grafting to the cheeks.

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