How Can I Get the Best Facelift Results?

61-year-old female patient who demonstrates the best facelift results.

Every patient wants the best facelift results, but not every surgeon can deliver. At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, perfection is the standard. Common facelift procedures work on the facial tissue layer only.

However, the results of a regular facelift are more temporary and often result in unintended side effects such as the “joker” look or the windblown effect. Since the single layer facial tissue technique solely focuses on the top layer of facial tissue, deeper tissue layers and muscles are neglected.

This can lead to bumps under the skin due to clumping of the tissue. Furthermore, there is a lot of tension on the facial tissue because only the facial tissue near the surface of the face is leveraged. Overwhelming tension can cause displeasing scarring near the ear and attenuate the long-lasting effects of the facelift surgery results and cause the skin to give in early.

To avoid all these side effects and produce the best facelift results, Dr. Mowlavi uses the Gold Standard, a “dual-plane” facelift. Consequently, all the side effects from a regular facelift are avoided for the best facelift results. Unlike the regular facelift, the dual-plane facelift works to tighten shallow facial tissue, deeper facial tissue, and facial muscles.

As a result, there is a homogenous tightening throughout the face, resulting in a smooth aesthetic. Furthermore, tightening both facial tissue layers and facial muscles relieves some of the tension found in the shallow facial tissue region using the normal facelift procedure. In turn, this avoids side effects like the “joker” look and allows scars to heal correctly to the point where they are not even visible.

While the normal facelift procedure can only last a few years, the dual-plane method can last up to fifteen years! Since there is less tension on the skin, the facial tissue won’t compromise its integrity as fast, yielding the best facelift results that last long after the procedure. This includes a smoother facial appearance, a more defined facial structure, and an improved overall aesthetic and contour. 

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