BBL revision preparation

After surgery image of a BBL revision preparation
After surgery image of a BBL revision preparation
After surgery image of a BBL revision preparation
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Please see this 28-year-old female patient successfully completed Brazilian Buttock lift revision following BBL revision preparation.

BBL revision preparation is critical to achieving optimal results. Since the initial BBL did not result in a successful outcome, every precaution must be taken to make sure that the revision. To begin with, you must provide your surgeon as much information from your original surgery so that your surgeon can ensure that the same steps are not taken again.

This means getting a hold of your operative note and to determine which areas on your body and which liposuction technique was used to harvest your fat. Your BBL revision specialist is going to have totally all of your fat areas especially areas that have not been previously liposuctioned.

This is to optimize your fat grafting take by first taking fat from areas that do not have scar tissue. When liposuctioning fat from areas of scarring, the fat can be compromised by scar tissue and prior injury. In addition, fat harvested from these areas will be bloodier. The concern with bloodier fat is that the fat gets mixed with pro-inflammatory cells and secretions that will cause fat cell attack and subsequent resorption.

Fat from prior liposuction areas should be used as a secondary reserve only in cases where Laser liposuction has not been used.  Along with the same token, BBL revision preparation requires avoidance of any blood thinners such as omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil, Ginko Biloba, aspirin products, and more. A list of 500 medications, supplements, and food products that can thin your blood can be provided to patients to comply with their BBL revision preparation.   In summary, minimizing blood products in the fat transfer will minimize hyperinflammatory reaction that can jeopardize fat viability and BBL outcomes

The next BBL revision preparation is to ensure that your favorite buttock shape and size are communicated to your surgeon. As a BBL revision specialist, this is the second most common complaint that I observe in our clients. This was the impetus for creating the Buttock Assessment Tool which used permutations of both size and buttock shape when the buttock is viewed from both the back and the side. The buttock assessment tool allows you to choose from a range of both the buttock width to waist ratio as well as buttock projection ratios based on computer derived permutations of buttock images. Using the buttock assessment tool, you will clearly communicate to Our Surgical Team what you are striving for. 

The final BBL revision preparation requires you to be healthy by optimizing your nutrition. Optimal nutrition will ensure that your body is in an anabolic state. Optimizing your nutrition levels is critical so that in the early fat transplant stages, the fat cells are not deprived of nutrients. During the early phase of fat transplant, the fat cells need to be supplied with nutrients and be starved due to poor nutrition. As such, patients are encouraged to maintain 150 grams of protein  intake daily. This recommendation will ensure optimized healing and maximize graft take.

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