BBL Revision Recovery

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Please see this 48-year-old female patient who tolerated successful BBL Revision Recovery and went back to work in 2 weeks.

BBL revision recovery is an important consideration for patients who are committing to pay for surgery a second time to achieve the buttock shape and size of their dreams. Obviously, the causes for the failed primary BBL must be avoided. This requires considering why the first surgery did not achieve the patient’s goals.

This will require changes in the operating room protocol and surgical design. However, the initial BBL recovery must also be reviewed so the same mistake is not repeated. To begin with, we must avoid any unnecessary recovery mistakes.

The first BBL revision recovery precaution is to avoid sitting on any hard surfaces and not laying on your buttock proper for hours on end. All of our BBL revision patients are taught how to sit on their upper posterior thighs in order to avoid compression on the central buttock where most of the fat cells are transferred.

In addition, patients are taught to keep turning when they are sleeping so that pressure relief is provided to any and all fat cells. During your BBL revision recovery, you want to make sure that you are continually shifting your weight on your buttock cheek; this means moving from side to side and even laying on your tummy when possible. The most important consideration is to avoid hard surfaces such as a benchtop or the ground.

The second BBL revision recovery consideration is to ensure that you have a healthy and nutritious diet. It is imperative that you do not starve the newly transferred fat cells. The analogy I use is like trying to sprout a seedling. You want to overwater the little plant rather than underwater it. The same scenario applies to fat cells that have been removed from their home and transferred to new homes.

As such, you want to ensure that you have a high protein intake of 150 grams per day. This can be accomplished with protein shakes taken three times a day in between meals. What you want to do over the first two weeks following surgery is to keep your body in an anabolic state rather than a catabolic state so that you ensure your fat cells are being delivered nutrients.

The final BBL revision recovery precaution is to avoid an infection. This means keeping away from strangers by avoiding parties and places with a high density of individuals. This is because in the early postoperative period, the transferred fat cells are prone to infection.

If you get an earache, sore throat, cough, or urinary tract infection, the bacteria can get into the bloodstream and find your newly transferred and compromised fat cells.  Proper sanitation and healthy decisions should prevent fat graft infection and moreover maximize fat graft take.

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