BBL Price

BBL price is affected more by the amount of liposuction required rather than the size of the buttock desired. This is because the majority of surgical time for BBLs performed at our center is devoted to the harvesting fat from throughout the body. Performance of BBLs traditionally required proportionate times for harvesting, processing, and reinjecting.

Fat would be harvested using traditional liposuction techniques. Then the fat would be processed to remove both proinflammatory blood products as well as to remove fluid in the aspirate. This process required the arduous process of washing and compacting the fat aspirate using a combination of sieves and/or centrifugation. 

Finally, traditional techniques have required placement of fat into 25 to 50 separate syringes in preparation for reinjection. At our center, we perform a proprietary Closed Loop System for our BBLs that has several advantages over traditional BBL techniques.

The closed-loop fat system allows us to accomplish BBLs by optimizing the processing and reinjection phase of BBLs. The closed-loop system allows us to harvest, process, and reinject the fat using a single, sterile canister that allows us to complete the processing phase in a closed environment that avoids exposure to the outside air and the potential for contamination and subsequent infection.

In addition, the reinjection phase allows for minimizing the reinjection phase from the traditional 1 to 2 hours to 5 to 10 minutes. 

This minimizing of operative time, allows us to keep your BBL price to a minimum. This is because the BBL price is most affected by the operative time that is affected by your anesthesia fees and facility fees. Even your surgeon’s fees, although not directly dictated by operative time, are similarly affected by the labor required.

Specifically, my BBL Price are most affected by the time required to harvest to achieve high definition liposuction results. Achieving high definition liposuction results requires attention to detail with 360 degree or circumferential contouring that creates stunning outcomes.  

If you are interested in receiving a BBl price, I encourage you to make a virtual consultation during which we can evaluate your goals and the extent of liposuction required to achieve your body sculpting goals. This is because your liposuction needs will most affect your BBL price.

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