BBL Plastic Surgery

BBL plastic surgery refers to the cosmetic surgery BBL, the eponym that stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, and defines the transfer of fat from the body into the buttock. BBL plastic surgery is performed to improve the overall female silhouette by creating exaggerated curves in the lower back and buttock region.

Patients desiring BBL plastic surgery most often desire exaggerated curves that entail maximally narrowing the waistline while creating a generous buttock prominence. As much as a BBL outcome requires the augmentation of the buttock proper, the frame around the buttock must also be tailored.

This includes not only maximally narrowing the waist but also creating smooth transitions between the waistline/flank region through the lower back onto the upper buttock but also between the lower buttock and the lateral thigh and hip region.

BBL plastic surgery was originally pioneered in South America but has recently exploded in popularity throughout the states. In fact, over the last 10 years, BBL plastic surgery has become the fastest-growing surgical procedure. BBL plastic surgery has evolved significantly both in safety requirements as well as aesthetic expectations.

BBL plastic surgery safety evolution

A detrimental side effect of BBL involves the inadvertent entry of fat into a medium-sized caliber vein called the Superior gluteal vein which can be detrimental if it gets carried up to your lungs. If this fat emboli reaches your lungs and gets dislodged in a major pulmonary artery it can be deadly!

As a result, significant research has been completed to recognize the pathophysiology and possible prophylactic measures to avoid this horrible complication.

Today, fat grafting into the gluteus muscle is no longer allowed. Thus, fat can only be transferred into the fat layer directly underlying the skin and overlying the gluteus maximus muscle. At our institute, we utilize a proprietary fat grafting cannula, called the Mowlavi cannula, that allows us to visualize the cannula at all times under ultrasound guidance.

Coined, SCUBA, Safe California Ultrasound-assisted Buttock Augmentation, a high-resolution handheld ultrasound is used to not only see the tissue planes but also our fat injection cannulas at all times. This technique forbids direct injection into or under the muscle. As such, we are able to minimize the risk of fat emboli!

BBL plastic surgery aesthetic evolution

Buttock aesthetics have evolved over the last few years. The ideal aesthetics of buttock shaping and sizing are continually changing. Currently, the trend for buttock size has been to, “Go Big or Go Home.” However, as a BBL specialist in the community, we are referred to revisions cases routinely. The most common reason for a BBL revision is the dislike of the patient for the buttock created. 

This is not because it was botched but because the patient and surgeon failed to communicate the ideal buttock size and shape. As a result, we have created the Buttock Assessment Tool that utilizes buttock shape and size permutations as caricatures that the patient chooses from.

This tool helps the patient who is not only unsure about their favorite buttock but also fears that the surgeon won’t be clear about their preferred buttock.

In summary BBL plastic surgery is an exciting arena in the cosmetic surgery world. Through recent advances, safer and more effective BBL plastic surgery outcomes will be appreciated.

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