Avoiding constriction arm band deformity following arm lift


Constriction arm band deformity can occur following arm lift surgery using brachioplasty techniques. Risk factor for constriction arm band deformity is identified by appearance of constriction bands preoperatively. Traditional brachioplasty is described as a bi-elliptical excision of the under arm skin redundancy.


In order to avoid constriction arm band deformity, the traditional underarm excision pattern must be modified to avoid excision of skin in areas of arm banding. In fact, the segments of arm banding preoperatively indicate the limits of circumferential arm tightening; Patients can now avoid constriction arm band deformity following meticulous skin excision design.


When you evaluate are lift surgery, you must make sure that the before and after outcomes eliminate constriction arm bands and avoid constriction arm band deformity.


Please appreciate how this 53 year old female eliminated constriction arm band deformity.

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