Arm lift before and after


Arm lift before and after outcomes should be evaluated carefully to appreciate why patients may achieve excellent outcomes with liposuction only, liposuction and Renuvion, or liposuction and a skin excision, i.e. brachioplasty. Arm lift before and after results will demonstrate patients with minimal, moderate, or severe skin redundancy in their pre photos.

Patients with minimal skin redundancy will be best treated with liposuction alone. Arm lift before and after photos will demonstrate correction of moderate skin redundancy with a combination of liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening. Both of these arm lift options benefit from avoiding an arm incision. Finally, patients with severe skin redundancy are best treated with liposuction followed by surgical excision of skin. The postoperative photographs for these brachioplasty patients should demonstrate an underarm incision line that is well healed and hidden on the undersurface of the arm.

To make up for the presence of an incision, arm lift before and after photographs will demonstrate correction of severe underarm fullness. In summary, when evaluating arm lift before and after photographs, it is critical to appreciate the degree of underarm fullness which should dictate the optimal treatment plan.


Please appreciate this arm lift before and after outcome of a 49 year old female.

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