Arm lift surgery without a scar

left arm lift surgery without a scar

Arm lift surgery without a scar is now possible not only for minimal skin redundancy but also for moderate skin redundancy as well. Traditionally, arm lift patients who desired arm lift surgery without a scar could only undergo liposuction removal of fat. This meant that only patients with minimal skin redundancy could undergo this surgery. Only in 2018 did the introduction of helium activated radiofrequency, i.e. Renuvion technology, allow for skin tightening without the use of a surgical excision.

Arm lift surgery scar

Helium activated radiofrequency allows for heating of the skin using a wand delivery system. The delivery of this energy, called subdermal coagulation, will heat up collagen molecules which will then shrink like shrink wrap. We then administer subdermal coagulation following liposuction. The radiofrequency is administered with a wand that is extended through the same port holes used for liposuction.

Today, arm lift surgery without a scar is possible for patients with moderate skin redundancy. Surgery without a scar is very attractive to both younger patients who do not want the stigma of an incision line and to older patients who do not want to undergo more invasive surgical incision.

Arm lift surgery scar


     Please admire this 67 year old female following high definition liposuction and Renuvion skin tightening of the arms.
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