Lower body lift to eliminate buttock sagging and tighten her buttock

Lower body lift to eliminate buttock sagging and tighten her buttock
Lower body lift to eliminate buttock sagging and tighten her buttock
lower body lift before and after
lower body lift before and after
lower body lift before and after
lower body lift before and after
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Please see how this female’s  Lower Body lift eliminates buttock sagging.

Understanding how Lower Body Lift eliminates buttock sagging:

In order to learn how to eliminate buttock sagging to create a tighten buttock, we first must appreciate what a lower body lift consists of.  Ideally, the lower body lift encompasses a combination of abdominoplasty, buttock lift, and a lateral thigh lift. Therefore, a lower body lift uses a 360 or circumferential incision to allow for excision of excess skin redundancy and laxity.

The incision is cosmetically pleasing because it hugs around the bikini line, in other words, it is not visible if a patient is wearing a bikini or undergarments. The incision hugs and tightens the excess skin so well, that it actually helps define the Tilde Curve, the preferred lateral female contour silhouette after the lower body lift before and after. 

Interestingly, a lower body lift is such a power tightener of the lateral hip and buttock, that it can sometimes flatten this area too much. As such, in select patients, we can counter this tightness with the addition of fat grafting to the buttock proper and the lateral hips. Hence, this is the importance of taking a 360 approach such that all contour aesthetics are maximized.

Understanding buttock sagging and why it occurs

It is important to understand buttock sagging and how it can occur. The perfect buttock is firm, tight, and roundly shaped with great definition. Buttock sagging occurs when the butt’s major muscle, the gluteus maximus, becomes weak and loses its leverage, therefore allowing the buttocks to sag. There are a number of reasons why this could occur but the most common is natural aging.

As our body ages, our muscles tend to become weaker and lose their strength and tone as well. Another common reason why the gluteus muscle weakens is lack of exercise. Lastly, prolonged sitting and stationary positions can also lead to buttock sagging. Prolong sitting can actually atrophy the fat and the pressure from stationary positions can stretch out your gluteus maximus muscle eventually leading to buttock sagging that needs lower body lift to correct.

How your final results will look

To fully appreciate if a lower body lift will benefit your buttock sagging, take a moment and undress in front of your mirror. At different positions, using both of your hands, cup the excess skin above your buttock, then pinch and physically lift up your skin. This maneuver will mimic your buttock lift. Not only will you notice your buttock tighten, but you will also see that all the cellulitis, divots, stretch marks, and irregular body contour disappear. 

The lower body lift will allow you to have the desired firm, tight, and roundly shaped buttock. If you are happy with how you look in the mirror, then you can truly understand why a lower body lift can eliminate buttock sagging which can boost your confidence, allow you to wear your desired clothing, and bring back the young, sexy appeal that you once had. Finally, any irregularities that cannot be solved by the lower body lift can be easily fixed by supplementing fat transfer to your buttock from your own body, giving you the desired buttock that you want.

Fat grafting supplements your lower body lift.

Ond of the consequences of having a lateral thigh and buttock lift as part of your lower body lift is that it can flatten your buttock. As such, fat grafting of the central buttock and lateral hips can supplement your buttock shape. How much and where the fat is grafted is customized to your desires. Using the Brazilian Buttock Assessment Tool we can design your fat transfer referred to as a BBL or Brazilian Butt Lift.

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