Swollen Eyelid Treatment

swollen eyelid treatment patient 12 front view

Swollen eyelid treatment involves correction of lower eyelid skin redundancy and protruding lower eyelid fat pads. The first surgical maneuver involves lifting the lower eyelid skin from the lid margin to the orbital rim. The next maneuver involves removing a small strip of the lower eyelid muscle called the orbicularis oculi muscle, in order to arrive in the orbital septum.

Swollen eyelid treatment    Swollen eyelid treatment

Next, the orbital septum is incised to get access to protruding fat pads. These fat pads can be either conservatively trimmed or repositioned along the nasojugal groove. The nasojugal groove is a gulley that forms with aging which extends from the medial eyelid across the lower eyelid and upper cheek junction. Swollen eyelid treatment requires meticulous surgical detail to avoid injury to vital structures such as nerves and tendons that help the eye globe move. Following conservative removal of the protruding orbital fat pad, the redundant eyelid skin is redraped, trimmed, and then repaired. Gauging removal of redundant skin is critical for achieving symmetry between the two eyelids and for avoiding lower eyelid ectropion. Lower eyelid ectropion follows if too much tension is created on the lid margin due to over-resection of the skin; ectropion is defined by eversion or pulling of the lower eyelid margin away from the eye globe.

Swollen eyelid treatment

Swollen eyelid treatment is very effective in resolving lower eyelid aging changes of unattractive wrinkling of the lower eyelid skin as well as protruding lower eyelid fat pads. If you have noticed premature aging changes in your lower eyelids, you may want to consider swollen eyelid treatment. Following your initial consultation at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, you will be provided a blueprint of the surgical maneuvers required to correct your undesired lower eyelid changes. You will also be provided an all-inclusive cost as well as our availability.

Swollen eyelid treatment    Swollen eyelid treatment

Please see this 56-year-old following a quad bleph and face and neck lift procedure.

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