Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost

Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost
58-year-old female who obtained lower eyelid surgery – front view
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Lower eyelid surgery cost is determined by the complexity of surgery as well as the operative time required to complete the surgery. For most patients, trimming of the lower eyelid skin and conservative resection of lower eyelid protruding fat pads is all that is required.

These two maneuvers can usually be completed in approximately an hour and a half. In a minority of patients who have a lax lower eyelid margin, more complex maneuvers may be required.

In lower eyelid surgery, patients who have a lax lower eyelid margin will require a lower eyelid margin tightening maneuver, called a canthopexy or canthoplasty. This maneuver requires stitching the lower eyelid margin up to the inside of the orbital socket either with (canthoplasty) or without (canthopexy) trimming of the eyelid margin.

This maneuver is required in patients with lower eyelid margin laxity in order to avoid pulling of the lower eyelid skin away from the eye globe, called an ectropion.

Patients are prone to ectropion following resection of the lower eyelid skin; this can be avoided with the maneuvers above intended to tighten the lower eyelid margin. The operative times are extended to approximately two to two and a half hours instead of an hour and a half.

How Much is the Lower Eyelid Surgery Cost?

The operative costs include a surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, and facility fee. In general, lower eyelid surgery cost can range between 5,000$ to 7500$ depending on the maneuvers required to achieve the desired lower eyelid changes.

In lower eyelid surgery, patients are provided an array of payment opportunities including paying by check, credit card, or financing options which provide 6-month payment plans with no interest or down payment!

If you are interested in receiving a lower eyelid surgery cost, we encourage you to make a consultation with our doctors at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute.

Please see this 58-year-old female who obtained lower eyelid surgery to help her improve the appearance of her lower eyelids.

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