Otoplasty Definition

Otoplasty Definition
56-year-old male patient who had Otoplasty surgery – right lateral view
Otoplasty Definition
56-year-old male patient who had Otoplasty surgery – left lateral view
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56-year-old male patient who had Otoplasty surgery – front view
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Otoplasty definition: a type of cosmetic ear surgery to improve deformities and defects of the external ear. Often, this aims to improve the prominence of the ear or the shape of the ear. There are several reasons why one might choose to get an otoplasty.

The ears could appear too large in comparison to the rest of the head, the ears could be uneven when compared to each other, there was an injury which deformed the ear(s), or the ears stick too far out from the head.

The prominence of the ears could be due to several things: mainly the conchal bowl is too large or the antihelical fold is too obtuse. Let’s explore some of the anatomies of the ear to better explain an otoplasty definition.

The conchal bowl lies within the ear itself and is the indented part of the ear that lies against the back of the head.

If this is too large, it pushes the ear forward, giving the ears a prominent look. Alternatively, if the antihelical fold (the cartilage fold that lies within the ear) is too obtuse or is underdeveloped, it also makes the ears appear very prominent. The shape of the ear can also be altered under the otoplasty definition.

For example, the lobule of the ear (the ear lobe) could also be too large or unevenly shaped.

Understanding Otoplasty Procedure

The main types of surgery in the otoplasty definition include otopexy (pinning back the ears) or an ear reduction (correcting the pinna/cartilage of the ear). Reshaping the ears could involve cutting out excess cartilage or folding and stitching the cartilage into a more desirable shape.

If you are interested in cosmetic ear surgery to improve the aesthetics of your face, please call for a free consultation.

Please examine the 56-year-old male patient below who had this procedure done.

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