Is Closed Rhinoplasty Cheaper Than Open

open rhinoplasty patient 11 front left view

Many rhinoplasty clients will ask me “is closed rhinoplasty cheaper than open?” The answer to “is closed rhinoplasty cheaper than open,” is that closed rhinoplasty is cheaper than open rhinoplasty since it can be performed in half the operative time. The reason for this discrepancy is twofold. First, the open rhinoplasty involve maneuvers to correct the nasal tip whereas the closed rhinoplasty does not. The closed surgery alters the upper 2/3rds of the nose that involves the nasal dorsum and supra-tip region only.

Is Closed Rhinoplasty Cheaper Than Open

In contrast, the open rhinoplasty may be used to alter all of the components of the nose. Tip alteration obviously takes longer to perform. Additionally, open rhinoplasty also requires additional steps to reinforce the tip structural support. Tip support is required because the nasal skin is completely elevated and then replaced which places additional weight on the tip structures that does not occur during closed surgery.

Is Closed Rhinoplasty Cheaper Than Open       Is Closed Rhinoplasty Cheaper Than Open

As a result, if additional tip support is not provided during an open rhinoplasty, the tip will be pulled down creating a supratip deformity. Both alteration of the tip shape as well as reinforcing steps result in the open rhinoplasty taking twice as long as the closed rhinoplasty and as a results is a more expensive procedure. Is closed rhinoplasty cheaper than open? Yes it is!

Is Closed Rhinoplasty Cheaper Than Open   Is Closed Rhinoplasty Cheaper Than Open

Please see this 41 year old female following open rhinoplasty to improve nasal tip highlights and position and to remove dorsal hump.

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