Mini Tummy Tuck Near Me

mini tummy tuck patient 7 before and after

Having a “mini tummy tuck near me” is a common request during initial patient consultations. There are several advantages in finding a local mini tummy tuck surgeon. Dr. Mowlavi has several offices around Orange County (including Laguna Beach and Newport Beach) and makes a tuck near me a possibility for thousands of local patients! First off, patients who desire a mini tummy tuck near me have the advantage of easy access to an in person consultation with Dr. Mowlavi who will take any amount of time necessary to ensure he has a surgical plan in place that will make a patient look and feel his or her best. Another major advantage to having a mini tucking procedure at one of Dr. Mowlavi’s local offices is access to his state of the art operating room and staff. Additionally, patients searching for this will save any travel expenses that come from going to an out of town surgical center. Finally, a close short drive for patients who have had  tummy tuck near me allows much more rapid post-operative care in case of emergency.

In addition to a mini tummy tuck, Dr. Mowlavi is an expert abdominal etcher using VASER Liposuction and often performs both surgeries simultaneously to give his patients the best abdominal contour possible. In this case, a it is crucial due to the 5 subsequent lymphatic massages that accompany VASER liposuction to assist with recovery, pain management, and swelling and drainage. Please appreciate the mini tummy tuck patient below and book your free consultation today!

40 year old female 1 month following mini tummy tuck. Patient has noted significant improvement in abdominal skin redundancy. This patient demonstrates a jump from a 5 to 8 points. Additional VASER liposuction is needed to bring her to 9-10 points.

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