Best tummy tuck revision

Best tummy tuck revision before and after
Best tummy tuck revision before and after
Best tummy tuck revision before and after
Best tummy tuck revision before and after
Best tummy tuck revision before and after
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Enjoy this female who took advantage of the best tummy tuck revision.  

Why is tummy tuck revision needed ?

Best tummy tuck revision requires a comprehensive plan that will transform an operated looking or botched result in a stunning yet natural-appearing abdomen. First, botched or suboptimal tummy tuck results are observed when the abdominal contour is irregular.

An irregular contour is appreciated for example if the upper abdomen is bulging out more than the lower abdomen, termed a muffin top deformity. This deformity is a result of poorly repaired abdominal muscles.  An irregular contour can be observed if the sides of the lower abdominal flank region pout out giving the appearance of dog ears.

Dog ears are created when the flank soft tissue fullness that is compromised of skin and fat excess is not addressed. Another suboptimal tummy tuck result is one that creates a flat and bland appearance of the abdomen that is not harmonious with a naturally appearing belly that has muscle highlights.

A more concerning botched outcome of a tummy tuck revision is created when the abdominal incision line is positioned too high. This will result in an incision line that will not be hidden when wearing undergarments or a two-piece bikini. More concerning is the secondary shelf deformity as well as a disproportionate enlargement of the pubic region following an inappropriately positioned infra-abdominal incision line. Finally, a deformed or scarred appearing belly button is probably the most common and often the most prohibitive cause for patients not showing off their bodies.

What does best tummy tuck revision entail?

The best tummy tuck revision must address all botched components of surgery. Correction of a muffin top requires a redo of the entire tummy tuck so that the muscles can be exposed and tightened appropriately. Elimination of dog ears can be achieved by liposuction of the love handles and excision of skin redundancy with an extension of the abdominal incision line.

The bland appearance of the abdomen is typified by a lack of any contour highlights that are created by the muscle belly dimensions. This can only be achieved using high definition ultrasound-assisted liposuction. The appearance of a shelf deformity or an incision that is unsightly and positioned out of the undergarment wear can be corrected with an incision line revision when performing the best tummy tuck revision.

This tummy tuck revision will not only lower the incision line to allow for a slimmer and tighter pubic triangle appearance but also tighten the abdominal skin so that it can be further sculpted with high definition liposuction protocols. Finally, the best tummy tuck revision must focus on the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing umbilical shape.

The aesthetically pleasing umbilicus should demonstrate an appropriate shape and an innie appearance. This can be achieved only with accurate identification of the umbilical stalk and proper neoumbilicus insetting.

If you are interested in the best tummy tuck revision we encourage you to make a consultation to discuss your specific needs. Following your consultation you will be provided a customized surgical plan that will address all of your concerns.

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