Correcting contour irregularities

Correcting contour irregularities front view
Correcting contour irregularities left view
Correcting contour irregularities rear oblique
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Please see this 56-year-old female is enjoying after a procedure of correcting contour irregularities.

Correcting contour irregularities is a mainstay of high definition liposuction. This is because high definition liposuction addresses not only fat excess but also skin redundancy. As a specialty center for body contouring, we see botched liposuction clients weekly. Botched liposuction will typically leave you with contour irregularities caused by either inappropriate fat removal or unmanaged skin redundancy.

When traditional liposuction is attempted on the superficial fat layer, then divots can be created by the inability to remove this fat layer. If traditional liposuction is performed by a novice surgeon who is not able to remove the deep fat layer uniformly, then waves or uneven results are observed. In addition, liposuction providers must remember that the removal of fat will only compound baseline skin redundancy.

This is why recognizing skin redundancy preoperatively, is critical to avoid future contour irregularities. Correcting contour irregularities requires identification of all skin redundancy as well as residual, remaining excess fat.  If fat removal was performed inappropriately, ultrasound-assisted liposuction is used to even out any irregularities in fat consistency.

When skin redundancy is present, high definition liposuction utilizes the combination of Helium plasma and radiofrequency technology to eliminate minimal to moderate skin redundancy. Excisional surgery will be recommended to eliminate moderate to severe skin redundancy.

Correcting contour irregularities will result in a postoperative outcome that is stunning both in architecture but also by the fact that a smooth skin contour is established. This means elimination of shadows and artifacts created from contour irregularities that will make you look operated in appearance.

One of the most important high definition contouring outcome goals is to create a smooth silky skin contour. Correcting contour irregularities is the mainstay of high definition liposuction goals. If you have botched liposuction results, please contact our office to receive a complimentary virtual consultation to ensure that high definition body contouring can correct your contour irregularities.

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