Breast augmentation to go bigger

Breast augmentation to go bigger is a frequent request of patients who have already undergone breast augmentation. The culprit for patients wanting their breast augmentation to go bigger is the firs six weeks following their initial breast augmentation. During the first six weeks, patients breasts are swollen from the trauma of breast surgery. The swelling can be quite dramatic and be 20% larger than their final size once their implants have settled down at three months following surgery. Unfortunately, patients may get accustomed to their larger size during the early postoperative period, and then disappointed when the swelling resolves. Although this disappointment occurs less than 3% of the time, it is still concerning. When breast sizing is performed,  Dr. Mowlavi stresses to patients that what they see during their breast sizing will look 5% smaller when the implants are placed in the breasts. This is in attempt to minimize the risk of patients desiring breast augmentation following surgery. Another reason why patients may elect to go larger is following pregnancy and breast feeding. Although the breasts enlarge when engorged with milk during pregnancy, they tend to deflate to a smaller than prepregnancy size. Often patients may have noted sagging of the breasts as well which can be addressed simultaneously with your breast augmentation surgery. The final reason for patients to desire breast augmentation is if their chest size and breast skin is too tight to accommodate the desired breast implant size. This is common in size A cup female breasts or in patients undergoing gender transformation.  If you are considering breast augmentation to go bigger, we encourage you to make a consultation with our team. 


Please see this 45 year old female who wanted a breast augmentation. She is extremely happy with her fuller, rounder breasts.

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