Breast augmentation revision specialist

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A breast augmentation revision specialist should be a plastic surgeon who has a passion for breast surgery. Your breast augmentation revision doctor should demonstrate extensive surgical experience and possess the knowledge to discuss the various breast deformities with you. Following a discussion of the various deformities and their causes, your breast augmentation revision doctor should design a customized surgical plan to correct all of your concerns and to achieve all of your desired goals. Your surgeon should make meticulous notes of your breast dimensions including your chest width, breast diameter, mound position, shape, and size. In addition, your breast augmentation revision specialist should measure and document nipple and areola complex size, shape, and position.

Breast augmentation revision specialist

A breast augmentation revision specialist should dedicate an entire section of his/her website to breast augmentation revision cases. He or she should provide adequate information as to the surgeries that encompass breast augmentation revision surgery. He or she should also provide you a plethora of before and after results to evaluate. Finally, your breast augmentation revision doctor should be willing to work with your insurance. More often than not, your insurance company will help partially with fees involved with your breast augmentation revision surgery. Procedures that are universally covered by insurance include removal of the breast implants and elimination of any thickened breast capsule, termed capsular contracture. In addition, patients can be secured financial aid from the implant companies in cases of capsular contracture and implant rupture. Interestingly, even your new pair of implants will be provided by the implant companies. All that is left is paying for the fees to place new breast implants and to receive a breast lift when indicated. The fees for these elective portion of your procedures will include facility fee, surgeon fee, and anesthesia fee.

Please appreciate this 39  year old female following breast surgery performed by a breast augmentation revision specialist.

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