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Patient image after surgery and leaving BBL reviews
Patient image after surgery and leaving BBL reviews
Patient image after surgery and leaving BBL reviews
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Please see this 28-year-old female patient who chose to complete her Brazilian buttock lift with us after reading our BBL reviews.

One of the hardest parts of having a BBL procedure is choosing the right plastic surgeon. The better the surgeon, the better the results. As such, there are many things to consider when choosing a surgeon. A lot can be learned from reading valuable BBL reviews. A potential patient should pay attention to the experiences of the patient with the surgeon and the staff, the results of the surgery and how the surgery has made the patient feel, and how it has affected their lives.

BBL reviews are an excellent way to separate expert plastic surgeons from other surgeons. Reviews are critical when evaluating a plastic surgeon. However, there are important things you should be looking for in a BBL review. It is easy to read something on the internet and simply believe what you are reading; unfortunately, not all reviews are reliable. Reviews should include experiences with not only the plastic surgeon but also the office and the entire staff. This can provide great insight into how the plastic surgeon values his/her patients. 

At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, Our Surgical Team and his dedicated staff are answering phones around the clock to ensure every patient is taken care of. Of course, the results of the surgery are the most important thing to pay attention to in a BBL review. The results of the surgery are a great indicator of the plastic surgeon’s skill. If the BBL review mentions flaws and/or suboptimal postoperative results, this is a huge warning.

This plastic surgeon may just not have enough experience. Specifically, if the plastic surgeon only has a few reviews, this could indicate a lack of experience. When discussing the results of an elective operation in a review the patient should demonstrate a certain level of understanding about BBL surgeries.

A successful BBL surgery requires several milestones that include: creating of Tilde Curve with a smooth transition from buttock to legs and buttock to lower back. Avoidance of thigh cellulite, and retention of buttock volume at six months. A BBL review should include how the surgery has affected them and how the results of the procedure have changed their lives.

The patients should be thrilled with their results. They should feel comfortable in daily clothes as well as a bikini. If the patient doesn’t express excitement about their procedure, the plastic surgeon probably didn’t do their job well enough. It may be difficult to sift through all the BBL reviews, but it is important to understand what you should be looking for and how to differentiate between a valuable review and a worthless one. 

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