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Renuvion Newport Beach - It is a known fact that the skill of the plastic surgeon is a major determinant of the results of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Mowlavi is renowned worldwide for his skills.  In his hands, the right tools deliver amazing results.

In layman's terms, Renuvion delivers scarless skin tightening™ by tightening the collagen in the deeper layer of the skin.  This revolutionary technology produces results not available even a few years ago.

We call it Renuvion Newport Beach style because of the unique combination of the surgical skills of Dr. Mowlavi and the technology of the new tool.

Renuvion is an advanced technology that combines helium (He) plasma technology with radiofrequency energy to allow for the safe heating of collagen molecules that results in contraction of this protein molecule. In essence, the combined thermal energy created results in a shrink wrap effect on collagen molecules in both the deeper skin layers called the dermis and the fibroseptal network which describes the collagen molecule web-like netting that spans under the skin. Helium activated plasma and radiofrequency energy produce controlled, focused and intense heating of tissues to help contract collagen molecules permanently. What makes this fusion of energy truly remarkable, is that there is the safe delivery of heat to the subdermal skin layer and subcutaneous retaining ligaments described above.

Subdermal coagulation

Subdermal coagulation describes the above-outlined mechanism that results in immediate and permanent contraction of collagen molecules following exposure to the heat of the Helium plasma and radiofrequency energies. The contraction of collagen which has been compared to a shrink wrap effect results in a shortening of collagen molecules and as a result direct reduction of skin laxity. At temperatures between 65 °C to 85 °C, the collagen molecules will undergo this contraction. Fortunately, at 85 degrees Celsius, the collagen contracts in 0.044 seconds. Thus, the quick action of treatment can be utilized to treat the deep layer of the skin while limiting the duration of heat exposure to the outer skin. This quick on and off heating mechanism avoid the outer skin layer, i.e. epidermis, from reaching harmful temperatures. Harmful temperatures to the superficial skin layer, i.e. epidermis, occur at 47 degrees Celsius. However, this quick treatment time provides for a larger temperature differential to the superficial skin which does not get exposed to raised temperatures. This safety feature of Renuvion allows physicians to complete treatments without having to monitor external temperatures.

Why is Renuvion Scarless Skin Contraction a Game Changer?

Renuvion scarless skin contraction has become a game-changer for several problem areas where previously no viable alternative was feasible. These areas include the elimination of upper and middle back rolls, optimizing BBL results, love handle and armpit contouring in males, elimination of cellulite in the legs, abdominal contouring in younger females, and botched liposuction contouring irregularities. This is a big contribution that Renuvion Newport Beach delivers

Elimination of upper and middle back rolls

Traditionally, upper back and middle back contouring were plagued by skin redundancy. This is because the removal of fat from the upper back and middle back only resulted in an increase in skin redundancy. Skin redundancy in the upper and middle back will present as upper and middle back rolls. When back rolls are present, removal of fat will only exaggerate the back rolls. Traditional surgical procedures to contour back rolls required excisional surgery. Excisional surgery of the back rolls and has been termed an upper-body lift. However, this upper body lift is plagued by a prolonged and often prominent surgical incision line and possible scar. However, with the advent of Renuvion subdermal coagulation, back rolls can be prevented following aggressive liposuction of the upper and middle back. In fact, even when back rolls are present preoperatively, they can be eliminated even when simultaneous back fat is also removed.

Optimizing BBL results

Optimizing BBL results requires aggressive removal of the fat from the lower back and flanks. This allows for maximal narrowing of the waistline that provides an aesthetic differentiation above a more generous buttock fullness. In fact, removing of the lower back and flank will often provide more refinement to buttock aesthetics than augmenting the buttock cheek itself. However, aggressive removal of fat from the lower back and flanks can result in skin redundancy. This skin redundancy can not only create contour irregularities but also promote sagging of the lateral thighs and buttocks. Traditionally, the only option to counter lateral thigh and buttock sagging was to offer an excisional surgery. This excisional surgery is called a lateral thigh and buttock tuck but is plagued by a lengthy incision line. Fortunately, Renuvion subdermal coagulation now provides an alternative to avoiding skin redundancy but without a surgical incision or scar.

Contouring of love handles and armpits in males

High definition male abdominal and chest contouring requires treatment of the armpits as well as the love handles. The love handles are a common problem spot for most men who often notice the prominence of the flanks and lower back. When narrowing the waistline in men, the love handles often add as much girth as the abdomen. However, the love handles commonly pose not only excess fat but also redundancy in the skin. Traditionally, elimination of love handles would require excisional surgery; yet men do not do well with incisions as they want to hide any hints of having undergone cosmetic surgery. As such, Renuvion subdermal coagulation provides an alternative to excisional surgery that will tighten skin redundancy without an incision line or scar. Finally, the armpits and lateral chest region are often bulky possessing both excess fat and skin redundancy. Elimination of fat in the armpit or lateral chest region is integral to male chest masculinization surgery. As such it is a common part of optimizing male chest appearance. Unfortunately, this area is also plagued by significant skin redundancy. Fortunately, Renuvion subdermal coagulation provides a unique solution to counter skin redundancy that previously did not have a viable solution.

Elimination of cellulite in the legs

Cellulite is a common concern of females, especially over their legs. Cellulite described the mottled appearance that is created by skin redundancy that gets tethered down by retaining cutaneous ligaments in a checkerboard fashion. Dimples are formed where there is less fat present to counter the tethering ligaments either after weight loss or liposuction of areas where skin redundancy is present. Minimally invasive surgeries have been recommended, such as Cellulase, but these have not been found to be effective. Excisional surgery has remained the gold standard to treat cellulite by eliminating skin redundancy. Unfortunately, this treatment is fraught with a need for large surgical excision lines and subsequent scarring. The arrival of Renuvion technology now allows for effective treatment of cellulite without the need for excisional surgery. We utilize Renuvion technology and simultaneous ultrasound treatment of the involved areas without liposuction to correct this deformity. The rationale is that the ultrasound energy will melt the fat in a region and redistribute it throughout the region thus eliminating checkerboard areas of excess fat and depleted fat into a uniform fat layer; it is important to note that no fat is actually liposuctioned off! Instead, then Renuvion technology is used to tighten the skin.

Abdominal contouring in younger females

We routinely see younger female patients who wish to have abdominal contouring. When performing hi-def abdominal contouring, it is important to consider both excess fats as well as skin redundancy. For those who require skin tightening, often our younger female patients will accept undergoing liposuction but will not consider skin tightening with excisional surgery.  This unique patient population just does not wish to have the stigma of a long surgical incision line and subsequent scarring. Fortunately, the advent of Renuvion subdermal coagulation now allows these patients to undergo hi-def abdominal contouring even when they present with redundant skin.

Correction of botched liposuction contouring irregularities

We see patient referrals for botched liposuction cases regularly. These patients inevitably have undergone aggressive liposuction in areas that demonstrated skin redundancy. When redundant skin is not accounted for, contour irregularities are created as represented by concavities, divots, etc. Since current fat grafting techniques are not precise enough to refill areas of over-aggressive liposuction, the only avenue to correct these contour irregularities remains skin tightening. Until recently, skin tightening was limited to excisional surgery that would leave you with an unsightly surgical scar. Instead, Renuvion technology offers a novel solution to tighten areas of botched liposuction contouring irregularities using a minimally invasive alternative without the need for surgical incisions.


He made me feel very comfortable

I am so pleased with the work I had done with Doctor Mowlavi. He made me feel very comfortable with my decision to have a breast reduction. It's only been two weeks and I am feeling really good. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a plastic surgeon.

I am so happy with my results

I had my procedure with Dr. Mowlavi in March of this year. I am so happy with my results. He was kind and caring from the beginning to the end. His coordinator Claudia is the sweetest. I felt very welcome each time. The staff was always friendly. The office is beautiful and very high end. I would definitely recommend this surgeon. He is very skilled and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to all my friends!

I think I looked 10 years younger almost immediately

I had a great experience at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute. I wanted to look a little younger and fresher for my daughter's wedding day, so I booked an appointment not quite sure what I needed. Dr. Mowlavi was wonderful he suggested a couple of procedures that I had not even thought of and were amazing. He plumped up my cheekbones and took away some of my crow's feet. I think I looked 10 years younger almost immediately.

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