Post-bariatric Tummy Tuck

Post-bariatric Tummy Tuck
30-years old female patient with a full tummy tuck and high def lipo after weightloss – right view
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30-years old female patient with a full tummy tuck and high def lipo – left lateral view
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30-years old female patient with a full tummy tuck and high def lipo – front view
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A board-certified plastic surgeon, Our Surgical Team, can give you the very best post bariatric tummy tuck results. An abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is a cosmetic procedure that removes extra fat and skin to reduce the torso bulk, while also tightening the abdominal wall muscles.

The post bariatric tummy tuck

Our Surgical Team sets several goals to ensure the best tummy tuck outcomes. These goals include creating:

  1. A maximally narrowed waistline in order to exaggerate an hourglass figure
  2. An innie belly button that can be shown off even when wearing a two-piece bikini
  3. A low incision line that is hidden in your undergarments
  4. Proper differential to muscle tightening that will provide aesthetic contour lines with an upper concave and lower convex abdomen
  5. Avoidance of lateral flank prominence termed dog ears
  6. Highlights of your abdominal muscles when feasible

Maximizing a narrowed waistline for the best post bariatric tummy tuck

Maximizing a narrowed waistline is achieved by the maximum tightening of the abdominal muscles while preserving attachment of overlying skin to the muscle. This ensures that the repaired muscles will pull in the skin and soft tissues centrally thereby maximizing waistline narrowing.

An “innie” belly button of post bariatric tummy tuck

In a post bariatric tummy tuck procedure, an innie belly button refers to an aesthetically pleasing belly button contour that creates a natural-appearing belly button contour along with the belly button incision that is positioned in the shadow of the belly button. In order to achieve an innie belly button, the umbilical stalk must be accurately identified utilizing an “Umbilicator” that was created and published by Our Surgical Team approximately 10 years ago.

A low incision line

A low incision line is critical so that your incision line can be hidden beneath your undergarments. In addition, a low incision line is critical to creating an aesthetically pleasing pubic region proportion.

Differential muscle plication

In order to recreate the finesse of the aesthetically pleasing female contour lines, the portion of the belly above the belly button must be slightly concave and the portion below the belly button must be slightly convex. This is accomplished by differentially tightening the muscles of the abdomen rather than providing uniform tightness throughout the belly.

Avoiding the dog ear

Dog ears refer to fullness of the lateral flanks and back that can become even more evident once the tummy has been trimmed and tucked. This area must be addressed with either liposuction or extension of the tummy tuck incision onto the lateral flanks and lower back.

Muscle highlights

On occasion, Our Surgical Team will be able to etch out your muscles at the same time as your tummy tuck. Highlights created will provide an artistic improvement of the abdominal contour.

A tummy tuck is a complex procedure that should be done by an expert board-certified plastic surgeon. Our Surgical Team has done over 10,000 cosmetic procedures and truly cares for the patient’s aesthetic outcomes.

He sculpts the best tummy tuck’s in Southern California including the post bariatric tummy tuck surgery because he wants his patients to have the body of their dreams! If you are considering undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, we encourage you to set up a virtual consultation today.

Please appreciate the best tummy tuck candidate, a 30-years old female patient.

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