Why Post-Bariatric Body Lift

Why Post Bariatric Body Lift
61-year-old status post-post-bariatric surgery with an upper-body lift and breast contour revision – back view
Bariatric body lift
61-year-old status post-post-bariatric surgery with an upper-body lift and breast contour revision – left flank view
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61-year-old status post-post-bariatric surgery with an upper-body lift and breast contour revision – right flank view
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A post-bariatric body lift is an effective cosmetic procedure for post gastric bypass and sleeve patients that involves the excision and tightening of redundant skin. After undergoing bariatric surgery, such as a gastric sleeve, many patients find that they have deflated skin. These areas of deflation and excess, redundant skin, are often seen in the chest, arms, abdomen, and thighs.

The loose, hanging skin demonstrates why post-bariatric body lifts are in demand. Previous weight gain stretches the skin and along with the loss of elasticity especially with increasing age, results in the need for surgical excision and tightening of the skin in order to achieve a more proportionate reshaped body.

Why is redundant skin such a problem if you won’t undergo a post-bariatric surgery? First, it can get in the way of your motion. For example, underarm and armpit soft tissue prominence can forbid you from playing tennis or swinging a golf club. It can make it difficult to even put on your shirt. Skin and soft tissue fullness in the lower abdomen and pubic region can make it difficult to go to the bathroom or to effectively wipe yourself.

Areas of skin redundancy that roll over each other can created chronically moist surfaces that are prone to rashes. Rashing can not only be an inconvenience but later become tender. Skin fullness in the medial legs can actually hinder walking and completion of daily chores. These functional problems if not fixed by a post-bariatric body lift are compounded by the fact that redundant skin can be unsightly and cause emotional problems that affect a social lifestyle.

So you may now hopefully not be wondering, why a post-bariatric body lift? It should now be evident that the transformation that a surgeon specialist can provide can be life-changing. Newport Beach board-certified plastic surgeon, Our Surgical Team is a body contouring specialist and performs post-bariatric body lifts regularly.

He shares that an expert board-certified plastic surgeon is essential to perform post-bariatric body lift cases as it is not simply that the redundant skin needs to be eliminated, but that the entire body needs to be sculpted. It is crucial to accommodate not only localized redundant skin but also the elimination of any residual excess fat, in order to create a sculpted and well-proportioned body contour.

Our Surgical Team is an experienced Newport Beach board-certified plastic surgeon who understands the unique needs of each post-bariatric body lift patient. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer complimentary in house and virtual consultations to our patients.

If you have had bariatric surgery and are interested in the elimination of excess skin and fat and regaining a proportionate body contour, then a post-bariatric body lift may work best for you.

Post-bariatric body lifts can include an abdominoplasty, a lower body lift, upper body lift, an arm lift, medial thigh tuck, or a breast lift. In all of these body lift procedures, excess skin is trimmed, residual fat is removed, and the remaining skin is re-draped.

Please see this 61-year-old status post-bariatric surgery with an upper-body lift and breast contour revision with revision of lateral canthal tilt.

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