Facelift without surgery / Non surgical facelift

Facelift without surgery or non-surgical facelift is a common question that I get asked from patients during a facelift consultation. Patients seeking facelift without surgery or non-surgical facelift are either younger patient in their late 30’s or 40’s who don’t want to have the stigma of surgical incisions or they are in their late 70’s and 80’s and thus scared of having general anesthesia.

Recent advances in facelift technology now allow an expanded patient population to receive a facelift without surgery or non-surgical facelift. Two techniques have allowed surgeons to avoid invasive surgery and these include the thread lift and Renuvion face ablative resurfacing and neck subdermal coagulation. The thread lift technique is unique in that it allows for lifting of the facial and jawline tissues without the need for undermining using barbed sutures. Barbed sutures allow for hoisting of skin and soft tissue using strategically placed sutures throughout the face which are tied up to your sideburn region.

In addition Renuvion technology can be used to provide surface ablation to retexture your facial skin and to tighten your skin. Renuvion surface ablation is able to reduce skin damaged changes of your skin from the effects of sun and aging by leaving you with skin that is youthful in texture. The Renuvion subdermal coagulation is able to tighten the neck skin using subdermal coagulation. Subdermal coagulation refers to the delivery of focused heat to collagen molecules in the dermal layer of the skin that result in shortening of collagen molecules and as a result tightening of your skin. The combination of a thread lift and Renuvion technology serve patients who are desiring a facelift without surgery or a non-surgical facelift the opportunity to have effective rejuvenation of their skin.

If you are desiring facial rejuvenation and want a facelift without surgery or a non-surgical facelift, then we encourage you to make a consultation with Dr. Mowlavi to appreciate the changes that can be made for you.


Please see this 59-year-old female following a nonsurgical facelift using Renuvion resurfacing to the face and neck, and fat grafting to the cheeks and lips. Patient is ecstatic with her new younger looking face.

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