Facelift Before And After

Facelift Before And After
Facelift Before And After
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Facelift before and after photographs should be evaluated with a critical eye when trying to choose a facelift specialist. The results should demonstrate not only the correction of all facial aging signs but also demonstrate natural and non-operated outcomes.

In addition, facelift before and after photographs should not demonstrate deformities associated with suboptimal facelifts that include: a) the windblown effect; b) joker face; c) “pixie” ear deformity; d) widened scars, and e) scar migration onto the neck.

Correction of the facelift aging signs should include: a) reduction of nasolabial folds; b) fullness of the nasojugal grooves; c) elimination of jowls; d) reduction of submental fullness. Facelift before and after results must demonstrate all of the expected gains as well as avoidance of above deformities.

Clients considering it should expect to see all five views which include the front view, the left, and right lateral views, also called the profile views, as well as the left and right oblique views. Only by visualizing all of the views can clients be ensured that all of the goals of the surgery have been accomplished and to verify that suboptimal deformities have been avoided. We encourage you to view Dr. Mowlavi’s facelift before and after results to appreciate what a dual-plane facelift will achieve for you.

One of the most important technical factors in accomplishing facelift goals while avoiding suboptimal side effects involves the use of a dual-plane SMAS approach rather than the traditional skin-only facelift. When the dual-plane SMAS is used, unnecessary tension is removed from the skin layer and transferred to the SMAS layer.

Tension on the SMAS layer is camouflaged from external appearance; in contrast, elimination of tension from the skin allows for a smooth and natural appearance of the external facial appearance. Before and after outcomes will help you appreciate these important factors.

Facelift Before And After Surgery Photos

Please view this 72-year-old female 1 year following extended face and neck lift as well as upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. This patient is ecstatic and says she feels “15 years younger”.

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