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26-year-old female 3 months following her Brazilian Butt Lift
26-year-old female 3 months following her Brazilian Butt Lift

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Being a surgeon and an official trainer at a premier surgical center, the ideal buttocks has become a popularly desired asset. The buttock is an integrant of female beauty, and with the recent popularity, buttock augmentation procedures and BBLs have been more desired than ever.

Beautiful women traveling around the nation and the world coming to Dr. Mowlavi all ask for the same thing, to create the perfect butt. Although all ask for the same, it means something different for each of them.

Despite the recent reputation of BBLs, there prevails no ruling archetype for the ideal buttock size and shape. So how do we know which butt is right for you? How are we creating the perfect butt? We have designed the buttock assessment tool.

Our buttock assessment tool takes into account the influence of your personal preference of buttock style so we know what your butt desires are– hip to waist ratio, as well as projection ratio.

During a BBL, liposuctioned fat from your abdomen, back, flanks, and thighs is melted, processed, and transferred into buttocks. When transferring the grafted fat into your buttock, Dr. Mowlavi is already aware of the desired buttock shape, size, proportion to the waist, and projection you have indicated. He delivers and achieves the desired augmented volume, shape, and size as indicated by your choices selected on our Buttock Assessment Tool.

We have discerned that BBL goals can be subjective with regard to the quantity of desired volume and shape. These desires can be observed by a cultural and ethical upbringing in addition to your indicated preferences for your ideal butt. As a result, the complacency of patients undergoing BBLs is subject to personally fulfilling each patient’s unique target.

Our Buttock Assessment Tool is used for each patient interested in having a BBL. The buttock assessment tool was created to define each patient’s desired butt shape and volume, so we have detailed buttocks fullness (waist to hip ratio) and the desired buttocks projection (side- view waist to buttock projection) using a spectrum of digitally produced buttock sizes and shapes.

Dr. Mowlavi deems this tool as integral to honing in on individual patient goals and achieving successful results per each individual, unique, and ideal BBL desire.

The ideal buttock shape is not objective and is defined by each patient independently. In creating the perfect butt, we have created a Buttock Assessment Tool to convey in more detail the nuances regarding ideal butt shape and size.

The most important decision making during a Brazilian buttock lift is your decision on a board-certified surgeon that understands and appreciates your unique desires and needs. It is imperative to communicate your ideal buttock shape to your surgeon to achieve the butt results you desire.

At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute in Laguna Beach, California, we perform Brazilian buttock lifts weekly and always ensure clear communication between the patient and surgeon to achieve the highly desired perfect butt. Below are our digitally produced buttock size and shape ratio spectrum for both hip-to-waist ratio and projection.

Please check out this 26-year-old female 3 months following her Brazilian Butt Lift.

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