Cosmetic Surgery During COVID-19


Cosmetic Surgery During COVID-19

These are difficult times for all of us and as evidenced by the stock market, increased unemployment numbers, and quarantine recommendations. Since the recent pandemic involves a new Corona Virus strain, there is a lot of anxiety regarding its natural progression and its repercussions on human life. Today’s news accounts for 75% of the employed population not working. This means a lot of folks are sitting at home and board out of their minds. It is not surprising that a large number of patient consultation requests have been received by our office. Given the most recent CDC guidelines and recommendations that gatherings of all kind be limited to 10 people, it is also not surprising that we are receiving a ton of requests for virtual consultations for cosmetic surgery during COVID-19.

We are seeing an increasing number of clients desiring to have surgery while the country is on hold. The question becomes whether it is safe to undergo elective cosmetic surgery during COVID-19. To begin with, absolutely no one who has symptoms such as fever, coughing, shortness of breath, and/or malaise should consider any type of elective surgery. In addition, patients who have had exposure to COVID-19 infected patients or any patients who have traveled abroad recently should also be cautioned against having surgery. Finally, any patients who are older than 60 years of age should avoid undergoing surgery as any type of surgery can make your immune system compromised.

Cosmetic Surgery During COVID-19 considerations for patients desiring to undergo elective cosmetic surgery requires compliance with several prerequisites. These prerequisites include being younger than 60 years of age. They should also be symptom-free, not have had any exposure to Corona patients, and not having been abroad recently. In addition, they should have good social support at home and be prepared to avoid all contact with strangers. Patients planning a cosmetic surgery during COVID-19 are also required to get preoperative clearance by their physicians prior to proceeding. Given the current health concerns, patients who have not already scheduled their surgery will likely have a difficult time getting in to see their doctors for surgical clearance. In general, patients are asked to avoid cosmetic surgery during the Coronavirus outbreak unless they meet all of the above prerequisites and have already been booked over the next two weeks until the Corona outbreak becomes controlled and the 15-day social distancing recommendation by the president have been completed.

During these times, if you would like to take advantage of off time to get your cosmetic surgery during COVID-19, we urge you to consider a complimentary virtual consultation to determine if you would be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery. Should you be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery, you can be scheduled in a few weeks to months when the country becomes stabilized from the Corona outbreak.

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