Breast Lift and Augmentation Reviews

Please see this 59-year-old female who has achieved excellent results
Please see this 59-year-old female who has achieved excellent results – side view

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A breast lift and augmentation reviews can be very helpful in order to determine whether your desired surgeon has the expertise to perform simultaneous breast lifts and implant placements. The reason that breast lift and augmentation reviews are helpful is that the combination of breast lift and implant augmentation surgery is more complex than performing either surgery independently.

What makes simultaneous breast lift and augmentation more technical is that the two surgeries counter each other since the breast lift results in a tighter breast skin envelop by virtue of trimming the ptotic skin and lifting the nipple-areola.

In contrast, the breast augmentation stretches the skin out by virtue of placing a large implant in the breast. When performing a breast lift and augmentation simultaneously it becomes critical to gauge both the skin tightening of the lift and the stretching of the skin by the implant.

Careful surgical design is vital to ensuring a successful outcome with an aesthetically pleasing result. Prospective breast patients are encouraged to not only view before and after photographs with a critical eye but also to read breast lift and augmentation reviews.

Although sporadic negative reviews will be observed for any doctor, the overall consensus of reviews will help you navigate and choose the most adept surgeon. Reviews should be read with a critical eye.

Pay close attention to the review content that comments on surgical results rather than the cantankerous patient who is upset that she could not afford the surgery or the entitled patient who was not willing to wait for the doctor.  Use your own judgment that takes into account before and after photographs, reviews, and the doctors’ personality in choosing your ideal breast surgeon.

Please see this 59-year-old female who has achieved excellent results and written wonderful breast lift and augmentation reviews for Dr. Mowlavi.

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