Arm Lift scars


Arm lift scars can be generous following brachioplasty. Generous arm lift scars are observed following brachioplasty because this area of the arm is prone to not healing well. Typically, the shoulders, upper back, chest, and the upper arm including the under arm are areas that heal with a thickened scar, i.e. hypertrophic or keloid scar. This propensity to scar can be compounded by a brachioplasty that is approached too aggressively. This means that too much skin is removed such that the incision is under undue tension.

When it comes to arm lifts using brachioplasty technique it is critical to remove minimum amount of skin just to improve the arm contour and not anymore otherwise you risk having prominent arm lift scars.


The brachioplasty technique requires use of liposuction to first remove the fat followed by skin excision to tighten the skin. Liposuction is used to take off the excess fat so that more slack in the skin is created prior to excising the skin; this allows for maximum skin excision! Regardless, excessive tension must be avoided in the brachioplasty procedure so that arm lift scars are not promoted.



Please see this 71 year old female who demonstrates an arm lift without unsightly arm lift scars.

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