What Can Happen If My Upper Eyelid Surgery Goes Wrong?

No upper eyelid surgery goes wrong when performed by Our Surgical Team. A 57-year-old female patient successfully completed upper blepharoplasty and without her eyelid surgery going wrong.

Ever wonder what can happen if your upper eyelid surgery goes wrong? The face is an incredibly delicate part of the human body. Unfortunately, even the face is affected by aging. A common part of the face that is affected is the eyelids. As people continue to age they will begin to notice “bags” forming under the eyes near the lower eyelid. In addition, people may notice excess skin on the upper eyelid.

Not only does aging cause the skin to lose elasticity, but gravity is also constantly pulling on the skin as well. Upper eyelid surgery is done to address one or both of these issues. Upper eyelid surgery consists of removing the excess skin and/or trimming fat pads located in the eyelids. Incision lines are critical in upper eyelid surgery. Often times the number one complication of upper eyelid surgery is visible incision lines.

Of course, since the face and eyes are so delicate this procedure is quite complex and requires a meticulous hand. At the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute, Our Surgical Team takes care of planning the procedure. Great attention is paid to incision line placement and the amount of skin to be removed.

Otherwise, upper eyelid surgery can result in uneven eyelids. There are other possible side effects if your upper eyelid surgery goes wrong. Infection and bleeding are possibilities post-op but resolve in a few days to a week after the procedure. Furthermore, there are extra precautions you can take as the patient to minimize swelling and the chance of infection.

If you have suffered from botched upper eyelid surgery, or you just aren’t seeing the results you wanted, Our Surgical Team has handled multiple upper eyelid revisions. Using his meticulous pre-op, pre-op, and post-op procedures, Our Surgical Team can guarantee you will see amazing results. If you are interested in upper eyelid surgery and be informed what can happen if your upper eyelid surgery goes wrong, please contact Mirzani at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute for your free consultation today!

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