High definition body contouring for the plus size patient.

High definition body contouring for the plus size patient.
High definition body contouring for the plus size patient.
High definition body contouring for the plus size patient.
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Please see this female who demonstrates high definition body contouring for the plus-size patients.

Body contouring constraints for plus size patients

High definition body contouring for plus size patients is now a reality. The procedure describes the ability to remove fat comprehensively in a circumferential manner. Comprehensive fat removal results are superior to conventional body contouring procedures as they result in more stunning contour outcomes.

Previously, aggressive fat removal has been avoided in plus size patients due to the inability to manage skin redundancy. This is because when fat is removed comprehensively, even more, skin redundancy is generated. The analogy I use is like depulping a fruit. Once you remove the inside pulp, then the outer shell will be wrinkled. This same concern for plus-sized patients has dissuaded surgeons from performing this procedure

Advances in high definition contouring for plus size patients

Today, advances in high definition contouring have allowed patients to take advantage of skin reduction technique improvements that allow for simultaneous liposuction, i.e. fat removal. Traditionally, liposuction was excluded from patients requiring skin excision or tucking procedures.

This constraint made body shaping difficult in plus size patients who universally require skin tightening. First, we can take advantage of a revolutionary tool that utilizes the combined energies of radiofrequency and Helium plasma technologies. This miracle technology utilizes a narrow wand that is entered through the same portholes used for liposuction in order to administer energy that effectively tightens collagen molecules.

Tightening of the collagen molecules occurs through a shrink wrapping effect that in essence will tighten all of the skin and underlying tissues. The second advancement involves the modification of surgical excision techniques to allow for simultaneous liposuction. When an excision of tissues is performed, the two sides must be undermined or lifted to allow for repair of the incision line without tension. Differential undermining allows for the mobilization of tissues without compromising blood flow so that liposuction can be performed safely.

 Benefit of high definition body contouring to plus size patients

The benefit is real, the old days of debulking by traditional excision techniques are past us. Today, plus size patients should expect high definition body contouring outcomes that demonstrate proper curves in females and muscle definition.

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