Best Ear Tuck

The best ear tuck surgery is achieved by optimizing ear position so that ears become transparent in appearance. This is because the patient’s ears when viewed from the front or three-quarter view should not be protruding. In fact, the request for an ear tuck or otoplasty is most often observed when the ears are felt to be projecting out from the sides of the head.

Patient’s may deem their aesthetically unappealing and appearing like “Dumbo” ears. The goal of this procedure is to provide seamless ear surgery such that results in-ears that are tucked to the side of the head and are literally transparent.

This procedure utilizes incisions that are limited to the back of the ear. These incisions are made literally invisible when you consider that tucking the ears back will hide the incision in the groove behind the ear, called the postauricular sulcus.

If you feel that your ears are protruding from your head and compromising the aesthetics of your head, we encourage you to complete a complimentary consultation. Our Surgical Team will show you how a limited incision in the groove behind your ear can be used to not only remove a prominent conchal bowl but as well as to bend back what we call the antihelical fold.

The best ear tuck must achieve tucking of the ears so that when you are viewed from the front, the ears are literally invisible. This is the ultimate goal of the surgery performed for protruding ears. When attempting to achieve this goal, it is important to recognize that more often than not, the two ears are protruding differentially.

This means that one ear may be more prominent than the other. As such, the best ear tucking surgeon, must evaluate each ear independently and create a customized surgical plan for each ear in order to ensure that both ears are tucked evenly. For example, one ear may require more aggressive downsizing of the conchal bowl whereas the other ear may require more aggressive bending of the antihelical fold.

When appropriate surgical plans are customized to each ear, the goal of ear tuck surgery is to have both ears be shaped to near-identical shapes. In summary, this procedure will result in in-ears that are not protruding and transparent when you are socializing.

A 47-year-old female patienl underwent bilateral otoplasty to achieve the best ear tuck.

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